Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer 2012

I think this has been the longest break between posts I've ever had since starting this blog in 2008! Can't believe I've been at it that long. 
I'm not really sure where all my time goes, but I'm just not able to sit down in front of the computer and coherently put together my thoughts. Which seems crazy, because I had blog posts up within a couple of days after both girls were born. But they were babies then. Small. Immobile. Unable to talk. Unable to ask questions, make demands or throw temper tantrums. Gosh, they were so easy then!
 We've definitely moved out of the baby stage. Come to think of it, perhaps that is why I'm not blogging so much!!

These girls are active. Busy. Into everything.

But most of all they are fun! 

And that's what summer days are for, right?
No schedules. No routines. Just fun!
Well, as much fun and freedom as you can have with a husband working around the clock, seven days a week and two lithe ones in tow. 

But we are trying to squeeze the life out of each day because at this point in the summer, the days are REALLY starting to fly by!

We were able to sneak away for a week to Boise. It was hot, hot, hot! 
Luckily, all the playgrounds have water parks, so we hit that up everyday!
The girls LOVED it! They also got to hang out with Grandpa, Auntie Molly, wish Grandma a very happy birthday and eat some cake!

Back at home, Grace started swim lessons! It is amazing to see how much progress she's made since last year. Not only in her abilities, but in her confidence! No tears on the first day!!
Just lots of smiles! Jumping in, going under water and going down the big, red slide!

Swim lessons in the morning, followed by afternoon swim fests in our own pool have finally tired out Grace! She napped for the first time in months!

That has left a lot of one on one time with this little character...

Charlotte is sooo funny. So chatty. So full of ideas.
Did I mention chatty? 
This girl can talk! I'm already imagining the future cell phone bills!

They are becoming the best of friends.
Learning how to play together...and how to push each other's buttons, of course!

I am SO lucky to spend my days with them. There are days when I want to rip my hair out - of course! But more often than not it is a dream come true.
Why just today Grace thanked me for washing her blanket!
Not a paycheck but a reward just the same. 

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Julia said...

Looks like you guys are having a fun summer! The girls are so cute!!