Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A (Really) Quick Trip

While at swim lessons the other day, Court called and said he needed to get out of town. When Grace was done, we raced home, threw some clothes in a bag and hopped in the car. Destination? Walla Walla.

Just a short drive in the car, we arrived in Walla Walla with a bit of time to kill before dinner. I found a darling fabric store. A purchase was made and when it finally makes it's way to the top of my "to-do" I will share. Court hit up Starbucks for an iced coffee and then it was off to the book store so the girls could find a treasure of their own. We even managed a few pictures as well.

Then it was off to dinner! The food was wonderful, the girls were cooperative and the wine was exceptional!
Sometimes you just have to get away. For a change of pace, a change of scenery and a chance to recharge the ole batteries.

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