Monday, July 30, 2012

The Perfect Summer Day

Court had his first day off in months and we squeezed the life out of that day!
We went swimming...

Grace has recently mastered the diving board!

...we soaked up the sun, 

...we played in the sand box...

...tended to the garden...


barbecued ribs and for an extra special treat....


It was Grace and Charlotte's first time for s'mores. 
Court set up a little fire in the driveway.

(another reason why living in the country rocks!)

Grace got a lesson in marshmallow roasting.

And then it was time for a taste test.

Grace is a loyal chocolate cake lover so she was a little apprehensive.

But after one bite, she was quickly convinced that s'mores were "delicious!" 

As for Charlotte, she was taken with the marshmallows. 

Quite taken!

It was the perfect summer day!

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