Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer (not so) Lovin'

Anyone who knows me knows that cooking isn’t my biggest passion. When I was working as an attorney, I used to tell Court that “we needed a wife.” Meaning, we needed someone to prepare, cook and cleanup our meals for us. I didn’t like cooking to begin with - throw in cooking at the end of a looong day...nothing worse!

When I said goodbye to the practice of law and hello to mommyhood, I took it upon myself to step it up in the kitchen. There have been hits and misses, edible and inedible concoctions produced in my kitchen, but nonetheless, we have eaten relatively well.

In the last few weeks, my hatred towards food preparation has returned with a vengeance. I read blogs where the authors are delighted at the fresh produce at their local farmer’s market or their daily finds in their homegrown garden. I go to the farmer’s market and try to get excited but it is just stall after stall my mind. Cleaning, cutting, prepping, planning, cooking...REPEAT! Three times a day EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

I recently vocalized the return of my disdain to cooking with Court and he completely put it in perspective for me.

It is summer. It is harvest. Harvest is crazy and long. There are no weekends. There are no holidays. There are no breaks. There are no set hours. The work is dictated by the wind, the rain, the sun....THE PLANTS. And sometimes most often, the plants and the work, require working well into and past dinnertime.

And that my friends is why I strongly dislike cooking in the summer. I never know when he will be home. How do you prep and plan a meal that could be ready as early as 5:30 (wishful thinking) and as late as 7:30 or 8?! Throw in the fact that making a meal for two small kids who eat two bites and declare themselves done also makes you want to take a frying pan and bang it against the wall. So I do all this work, all this planning, all this grocery buying, all this cooking to virtually have no one eat anything. Personally, I hate eating dinner in the summer. It is always too hot. I’d rather eat an ice cream cone and call it a night. But, that’s not “healthy” and sitting and having proper meals together is a priority to us - regardless of the inconvenience. It is the only time of the day, and sometimes it is less than five minutes, that we are all together.

I have a handful of go-to quick meals...but they get old. I’ve tried some new things from Pinterest. But I’m exhausted of it all. And if I see one more blog post of someone making a blueberry pie from berries harvested from their backyard I think I might scream! 


Megan said...

LOL. I agree. I fully agree. Yuck. I try to do as little as possible to qualify eating. You know what works for us and is nice and lazy for me...I throw in a few things into a muffin tin...some strawberries in one slot, some grapes in another, some crackers in another and some tiny bit of veges in another and maybe a piece of lunch meat in another and cheese bits in another...there's lunch or dinner and there's only a few of each thing so it's not scary and usually she eat's it up. Almost no work to do since you are taking stuff out of the fridge and tossing it in. She thinks it's fun to eat and I like that it's no work. LOL

Jody said...

I'm with you about eating in the summer. Nothing 'cooked' sounds good when its 100 degrees. And to be honest, Justin still does most of our cooking. We do, however, love making a spinach, chicken, feta, craisin, red onion and candied nuts salad topped with raspberry vinegarette. Its my go-to summer meal. But yes, I am more than ready for comfort foods - so bring on the fall!