Thursday, February 27, 2014

She Knocked My Socks Off!

Just a funny comment before I forget...

As I picked up Grace from school the other day her teacher told me that they had started assessments for parent conferences next month. "She knocked my socks off! She knew all her letter sounds, numbers...."

We got in the car and I said "Miss Grace I am so proud of you! Did you hear what you teacher said?"

"Mommy, I didn't knock her socks off. They stayed on the whole time."

Not much else to report unless you want to hear all about how we came home to a flooded garage a few weeks ago because a pipe burst. Fun times! Shortly after that,  our well pump stopped functioning properly. This is a problem because it randomly shuts off which in turn shuts off our water and eventually our heat pump. No water. No heat. No fun.

It has made for some cold, frustrating mornings. I am officially ready for summer.

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