Monday, February 24, 2014

Now that the Olympics is Over...Or if you were Over it a Week Ago Like Me...

So you've seen Frozen....because who hasn't?! (If you don't know what I'm referring to when I say Frozen, you officially live under a rock.) It is this generations Little Mermaid. The songs are catchy. We saw the movie before Christmas, bought the soundtrack the next day, and I've the girls have been singing it ever since. In fact, they wanted to see Frozen again this past weekend but told them we should wait to see it with Dad since he hasn't seen it yet!*(You are welcome Court!!)

So if your household - much like my household - has been listening to Frozen on repeat for two months, you'll appreciate Christina Bianco's cover of 'Let It Go!' It is so funny and so good.

In other media news, were you sick of watching the Olympics a week ago like me? The Olympics is amazing for the first week and then I'm like ok, Brian Williams summed everything up that is of any interest in less than five minutes so I totally good to watch my regular show after I put the kids to bed. But alas! TV land is on vacation and just showing crap shows or the Olympics. Most people would opt to read a book in such troubled times. Not me. 

Picking a quality read for the whopping price of $10-$15 a pop is quite difficult. I mean I could just pop over to the NY Times best sellers list and trust that they and their millions of readers can pick something worth my time. But, again, a lot of unnecessary work. Especially, when Netflix times the release of House of Cards at the exact moment the world, the country, I got bored with the Olympics. 

Court and I watched most of Season One. We had a few episodes left to watch before we could feel right about starting Season Two. And watch we did! We even tried watching two episodes - on a 'school night' because the show is that good!

Before Court left on his business trip, I told him that I was going to rage ahead and watch Season Two while he was gone. I know. Totally thoughtful of me, right?

So on my first evening, after the kids had gone to bed, after all the dishes were done, animals were fed, doors were locked, I climbed into bed to watch Season Two, Episode One.

Spoiler Alert. 
It's good in a completely twisted, unbelievable way. Note: If you hate the American government and are already planning your move to Canada, this is probably not the show for you. Then again, maybe it is. Anyway, the unexpected twist in the first episode of the new season, took my breath away. I officially felt horrible for not watching with Court. So Court, I didn't watch any more House of Cards while you were gone. I am saving it all to watch with you. You are welcome!
See? I am thinking of nothing but your happiness while you are away. See the * above!

Instead, I watched VEEP. 
HIGHLY recommend!

Happy viewing!

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