Wednesday, February 5, 2014

January and Then Some

Well, hello there February. Geez, I wasn't prepared for January (as clearly evidenced by my lack of posts) and I am REALLY not ready for February! Alas, here we are. February 5. 

I am disappointed that I haven't gotten more up on the blog. I just can't seem to get in a rhythm. I want to sit down and write, capture the day, the moments…rehash a funny scenario. Recently, I've been uninspired, tired and just plain busy. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Does anyone else feel like that too?!

So I thought I'd give a brief update as to what is going on here - behind the scenes - and try to get some of my blogging mojo back!

Where to begin??…The months between September and December nearly kill me - every year. Yet I love them! I live for them! The changing of the seasons! Back to school and buying school supplies! Birthdays! Holidays! And the big doozy! Christmas! I literally don't sleep for three months. 

Coming off all that holiday frenzy…I am literally exhausted. Throw a vacation in there to Maui, where I was warm, rested, didn't have to cook, do laundry or drive a car for an entire week - getting back into the swing of things - i.e. REALITY! - has been close to impossible.

My plan over Christmas break was to back post on the blog and get caught up. That didn't happen. We got both girls up on skis instead! A wonderful and exciting break through for our future skiing adventures!

But anyone who has skied with kids knows that  at the end of the day all you want is a drink, a hot shower and bed! (Who am I kidding? That is what I want at the end of EVERY day!)

When we got back from skiing, our washer and dryer broke. So you can imagine the amount of laundry that needed to be done when those babies were back up and running.

Once we were finally unpacked and laundered for the first time in 2014, it was time to hit the road again. This time to much needed warmth and sunshine. Maui!

It was a great trip. My only complaint?
Not long enough.

One of these days, I 'll get photos up.

Speaking of photos. That leads me to another time suck. My computer is so slow. No really, like so slow. Take slow and multiply it by 20,000 and it is still slower than that. Even after an extended visit with the computer guy, it's still so mind boggling slow it has severely impacted my photo taking/uploading capabilities. 

Court urged me to rectify this situation (aka he was sick of hearing me complain!) and pointed out that the 30,000 photos on my hard drive *might* be slowing things down.
Ya think?
The computer guy says no but I figure it is about time I properly back up and store my photos. I mean I REALLY don't need a computer crash about now.

So I am uploading all my photos to SmugMug (highly recommend - check it out!) and because of slow internet connection I can only upload photos in small batches of about 30 or so. Let me remind you that I am trying to upload tens of thousands of pictures. It's a time suck.

Once uploaded to SmugMug, I am starting to save all photos to external hard drive. Once that is done, I plan on deleting all photos from my computer. Hopefully, that will aid in the photo uploading department which will in turn get me back in business on le blog!

In other time suck news, I've got an Easter project that I am working on. It's something I've never done before so I have to teach myself each and every step. It's moving along at a pace opposite of speedy.  (surprise, surprise!)

Valentine's Day is around the corner and we are TOTALLY behind in our preparations. I'm no fortune teller but I see some late nights in my future.

On Friday, we head to Seattle to meet with Grace's doctor. It is her 6 month post surgery follow-up appointment.

Hard to believe it has only/already been six months! Hopefully, all goes well! Fingers crossed!

So there you have it! Just a few of the things we've been up to. 

Probably need to sign off but a quick, funny story.

Charlotte has taken to drawing "marks" on her arm. She pronounces it "mak" which makes this story even funnier. The "marks" are usually drawn on her left arm with her right hand and are inspired by the "cutie marks" on the bums of My Little Ponies. 
Yesterday, her "mak" was larger than normal so I told her that her marks can't be that big.
She immediately went to level 10 on the 1-5, 5 being the maddest scale. She stomped her feet and fisted her hands at her side.
"Mom, these are big things. This is how I am."
(Insert several foot pounds on the floor…no idea where she picked up the foot stomping!)
Charlotte, the mark is too big.
"MOM! This is how I am. I am meant to do big things!"

Point. Set. Match.

Until next time…hopefully, that will be before March 1!

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