Sunday, February 23, 2014

Getting Back on the Horse - The Blogging Horse

I've definitely lost my touch - if I ever had one - on this whole blogging thing. I ALWAYS felt like I had something to write about. My family would even say... while I was snapping a photo or telling a story... that they smelled a blog post coming. They were usually right!

Lately, I can barely remember what I did yesterday, let alone recall something significant worth sharing. I just got to get back on the horse and then the creative juices will start flowing. Right? Regardless, these are my memories, my thoughts. If I don't purge them today, I'll never remember them tomorrow, let alone six years from now. So back on the horse we go!  (You can always follow me on Instagram. Not as much "purge" as a blog post but fun little tidbits nonetheless!)

The big news of this past week? I became an aunt again. Yay! Court's brother's family grew by one on Wednesday. I haven't gotten to meet the newest addition but I hear all are well!

Speaking of babies....babies ARE a conundrum, aren't they? They are so cute and amazing and they bring so much happiness. Every time I see one, it just makes me crazy. Throw in the fact that I'm up to my eyeballs in archiving my photos. I'm currently working on photos from 2009 - Grace's first year. All those firsts! All the cuteness! I'm just in total bombardment of "baby" and I ain't gonna lie, it makes me want another.

At least, it makes me think about wanting another. A lot. God was onto something when he made babies so darn cute. He was also quite genius in sprinkling some kind of magic voodoo powder on a mother's memory so that she'll look right past the haggard, exhausted mother holding a tiny, new baby in the grocery store and at first sight want another....instantly...overwhelmingly. It's crazy. (*Side note: Funny how He didn't feel the need to sprinkle the same magic voodoo powder on men. They can recall all the HARD stuff on contact! They are not as easily bamboozled by cute...cute babies that is! ha!)

So other than 'The Great Baby Debate' going on upstairs, we've been up to the usual. Busy, busy.

The sun has been out so we've been out more too. Bring on summer! It is still amazing to see Grace run post surgery. She just flies! She easily runs a half mile at a dead sprint. 

I took this photo with my iPhone. The sun was in my eyes and I couldn't see the screen so I just blindly snapped away.

When we got home from our walk I looked at it and it really hit home. It captured so much more than I'd realized. Yes, it captured a sunny winter day. The vineyard that surrounds our house. Mt. Adams in the background. 
What caught me most was the distance. How far Grace was down the road. At a dead sprint. Symbolic of her growing and maturing.
Charlotte in hot pursuit. Snipping at her heels.
Also, extremely symbolic.
And me. Left in the dust.
You guessed it. Symbolic.

There are times when I've had it up to my ears and I've secretly counted down the days until Grace will be in kindergarten...ALL DAY! EVERYDAY! After seeing this picture it hit me pretty hard how much I'll miss her. All day. Everyday. 

Switching gears. Dogs! Oh thank god for dogs! The dogs love going on our walks. It helps burn off some energy. Luckily, they entertain themselves for the most part. You never know what they are going to be up to when you look outside. 

Spring is springing and so they are chasing and sometime capturing little critters that are returning to these parts. I am REALLY hoping they channel some of their energy towards snuffing out snakes this summer. Fingers crossed.

Court is out of town for a few days which is hard in all ways OTHER than the cooking department. It's no secret I don't love to cook. The only reason I ever REALLY cook a meal is when Court gets home from work. Even then, it sometimes doesn't happen! So while the cat is away, the mice will eat pancakes for dinner, hit Red Robin and order pizza. woo hoo!!

Other than trying not to cook, we did manage to have a little fun. We saw the Lego movie, and did a few projects. The girls made chalk which they loved!

We also made panda ear headbands. Grace and Charlotte pretty much have refused all hair doodads of any kind. Charlotte will do a pony tail from time to time but Grace absolutely refuses.
Slap some white and black felt on a piece of plastic and they won't take it off.

Go figure.

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