Sunday, June 8, 2014

June in Review…Eight Days In!

The blog has been lagging. I know. On a recent weekend getaway, I was asked about the blog almost as much as the girls. This means two things. 1. People read this little ole blog and 2. This blog needs a revival. Code red! Or is it Code Blue? Hmm…is there a doctor in the house? 

Anyway, the blog has gone by the wayside for a few different reasons. This past school year, I spent an obscene amount of time in the car. We drove everywhere to everything everyday. Can't type while you are driving. Also, I've fallen in love with several hobbies. Sewing being one. Crafty-crap - for lack of a better way of summing it up - being another. In the free time, I have these days, I am either sewing or crafting crap. 

After putting the girls to bed tonight, I realized I had about an hour of "dead" time before I was going to   hit the hay. I quickly grabbed my latest sewing project and headed for the couch. But before sitting down, out of no where, thoughts of THE blog, THIS blog, hit me. 

Blog posts take time to put together. Uploading pictures. Writing corresponding dialogue. Trying to capture a moment or create a laugh. So when my mind hiccuped between my sewing project and writing a blog post, my mind quickly pushed the blog post aside. Too much work. 

My heart cast another vote. My heart reiterated what I've so often said before. The blog is like my diary. Highly censored, of course, and quite public. But a diary nonetheless. For many years, it captured the day to day. It was an outlet. A way to communicate and a way to stay in touch. Often times, I go back to the blog to see what we were doing this time two years ago. Just to remember. 

The blog is important. To me. If no one else. For so long, I tried to write something daily. I think that is unrealistic at this point. I am trying a new plan and shooting for once a week.

So as it Sunday, June 8, let's kick this off by recapping the week!!

A week ago, we were in Sonoma, CA. The "other" wine country as I like to say now that I live in WA wine country. Sonoma is where I grew up and in a way, it will always be home even though no one in my family still lives in California. 

We went to Sonoma for my friend's wedding! This was the perfect opportunity to take the girls to my old stomping grounds. Problem was we couldn't take the girls to the wedding itself. Sounds like a problem for Grandpa and Grandma am I right? So Grandma and Grandpa came along for fun, food and babysitting! A grandparent's dream right?! We got in Thursday, had a great dinner, bumped into a few Sonomians from yesteryears and on our way home made a stop by the famous duck pond in the Sonoma square. Funny how Sonoma has changed in so many ways, but some things are exactly the same. My siblings and I fed baby ducks in this same spot 20+ years ago, and my daughters were able to do so as well. Awesome! Trip is off to an amazing start!

Friday we were off to San Francisco to be tourists for the day! While planning our trip, I realized the last time I'd been in CA I was pregnant with Charlotte…so almost four years ago! Neither Grace nor Charlotte had been to California, outside of the womb, so it was high time, they got the full tour! Union Square? BOOM!

Golden Gate, Fisherman's Wharf, lunch at Scoma's (so freaking good!) Ghiradelli Square - BOOM!

Two funny stories about San Francisco. Charlotte LOVES to wear dresses and since it is summer, she knows she can wear dresses with "no pants" and she says. Or no leggings underneath for warmth. To save a battle, I told Charlotte she could wear a dress to San Francisco - even though I told her about Mark Twain's famous quote…"The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in California." To no avail. She wanted nothing to do with pants. 
We brokered a deal. Dress with no pants BUT she had to bring the pants in the diaper bag!

Fast forward an hour. We are in San Francisco and Charlotte is shaking because it is cold (surprise) and she has not pants. Total surprise because they were supposed to be in the diaper bag! They weren't, of course, so first stop in San Francisco? The Gap. For leggings. UGH! Total tourists!

Next, we'd promised the girls a ride on a trolley. Been talking up the trolley for days…weeks even! When we got to the trolley, the lines were 20,000 miles long (seriously, a trip to the moon would have been faster) so we told the girls that the trolleys were broken, snapped a picture, promised a visit to the park that evening and headed for the hills!

Saturday was wedding day!! The girls were having a hay day with Grandma and Grandpa so with them happy, the "table was set" for a great day! Court and I had SO MUCH FUN! 

Weddings always make you think and reflect and appreciate…and dance!! 

Formerly known as Katy E and Katie B

Look! We color coordinated
!It's like we've known each other our whole lives or something. 

It was awesome seeing my good friend get married and even "awesomer" catching up with so many friends. 

What's not to love about this view?!

Sunday it was already time to hit the road and head for home. But not before hitting up Train Town!

Train Town was some guy's hobby started in the late 60's. I went to the Train Town as a kid and I for sure wanted Grace and Charlotte to experience it's magic. It's like a model train set swallowed Steroids, married the Little Engine That Could and gave birth to Train Town!

The girls LOVED it! We all went on a ferris wheel and I was happy to share yet another slice of my childhood with them!

The morning activities rustled up an appetite so off to Napa where Court and I got married nearly 10 years ago. 

Then it was back to reality. Not so bad waking up to this…

 But could have TOTALLY lived without this!

Until next time Sonoma….

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