Monday, June 30, 2014

June Sure Came and Went

It took a few days to get settled after being away. First and foremost, we were missing our fearless leader who was still in New Orleans. The girls and I were tired from our drive, the time change and two sleep (less) nights slumber-partying it in Mom's room. Court's flight home was delayed, cancelled, postponed BUT finally arrived 10 hours later than expected. As I was planning on picking him up from the airport, I cancelled the girls piano lesson. After receiving word that his plane was delayed, I tried to get piano lessons re-instated but it was too late. We went to the playground instead where I caught these two sharing a moment.

Nothing like a sister. 

I wish them a lifetime of these moments. 

The next day was t-ball. She's still a fan and was very, very excited to have Mana and Boppa in the crowd cheering her on!

Today also marked the day of living in our house for one year! Funny because it feels like we've lived at this address for much longer.

Nothing kicks off the harvest season like a trip to Bill's Berry Farm. Most people go to pick the fruit that is in season. 

We go for the donuts. 
Fresh. Still warm. SO good!


Finally got a baby gift finished and sent off! Good because the baby is due today or really soon!

Realized that some of our chickens are being bullied. So much so that a few are losing feathers. So I slathered on some anti-pecking lotion on a few of them. You know how pink and purple tips are pretty in right now (yes that is pink and purple hair…at the tips)? Well, these two are rocking' it hard!

Grace discovered jump roping about two weeks ago. Tonight, she jumped 30-something in a row!! She  jumps rope all. day. long. Which is great! Great exercise and all. But she wants us to watch AND COUNT every. single. attempt. Not ideal when trying to get anything done!

Sunday Funday! The girls got to watch a movie while Court and I cheered on Mexico in the World Cup. 

Even Grace and Charlotte got to be fancy!
Too bad Mexico lost to the Netherlands. 

Which leads me to today. My first time back in spin class in a loooong time. The girls first time in the gym daycare. We all survived.

Is tomorrow really July 1? Am I ever going to feel like time is on my side?

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