Monday, December 2, 2013

North Pole Breakfast {2013}

December 1 marked the return of our dear Elf friend, Elfie!

We were worried that he wouldn't arrive on time. After all, it has been a very hectic season, even for the elves and we didn't know if Elfie had gotten the memo that we have moved!

But good ole Santa pulled through and in the wee, wee, weeeee hours of the morning Elfie arrived.

Aside from bringing the standard North Pole breakfast fare - doughnuts and hot chocolate - Elfie also brought a few other goodies, including a new friend!

Meet Flyee.

Elfie and Flyee also brought a Nutcracker puppets and puppet theater (made by me)! These will be a hit in the years to come I am sure! 

We also kicked off the advent season with an advent calendar I made. My goal was to make two - one for each girl - complete with handmade ornaments. I only got one done and had to buy ornaments. New goal for next year right?!

Elfie likes to bring items each year - like a Santa night light and Christmas movies.


We also had an "activity" advent calendar. Elfie knew this month was going to fly by with a to-do list a mile long! So he stocked us up with lots of fun things that would keep the girls busy! He's such a nice guy! Thank goodness for Christmas magic otherwise this would take hours collecting and wrapping such goodies…am I right?! :)

The only item not an activity per se (although I consider sleeping a most important activity - especially in December) was the December 1 gift.

Both girls got cozy, Christmas bedding!

I've never been a fan of flannel bedding myself…until now. I am telling you their beds are so warm and cozy!! Thank you Elfie and Flyee for another wonderful North Pole Breakfast. There isn't a better way to kick off the season!

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