Sunday, December 15, 2013

Grace's 5th Snow Princess Winter Wonderland Birthday Party

With the crazy Christmas season finally behind us, I thought I'd pull together the pictures from Grace's 5th birthday party. There aren't many so here we go!

Grace chose a snow princess theme for her birthday party when we came across a winter princess doll in a toy store earlier this year. (I'm not gonna lie - I planted this idea as it was a theme that I felt I could pull off in crazy December!)

All fall, I'd been collecting princess-y, snowflake-y decor and it finally all came together to make a magical, winter wonderland!

Grace standing in front of the dessert table in her princess gown holding her new blue bunny…just what she wanted…from Grandma and Grandpa.

Her princess dress was made by me complete with a cape!

Here you can see a bit how the dress bustles! I used this pattern and I totally recommend buying it and making it. Had there been more time, I would have made one for Charlotte…but, as always, time was not on my side. 

The invitation…

encouraged that guests wear royal attired. I had a princess dress all lined up for Charlotte but she had other ideas. 

She was very strong willed about her attire for this party and this what she chose!

Next up - the decor!
I think I'll let the pictures do the talking!

The dessert table.

The cake….fit for a snow princess!

I hung snowflakes everywhere! It was a winter wonderland after all!

As we have had a very dry winter so far, we had to improvise on the snow outside.

Homemade crowns for each of royal guest.

Grace's year in pictures hung from a garland over the crowns. 

Just as the finishing touches were put on the decorations, guests started to arrive.
As I said earlier, I encouraged guests to wear princess attire and I figured the kids would jump at the chance to dressup. Much to my amazement, NOT ONE CHILD wore dress up clothes. I was amazed. While no kids showed up in ball gowns, one set of grandparents did!

Not was I was expecting, but Grace LOVED it!

All the kids were able to choose from a plethora of accessories to accent their non-existent princess outfits. Once they were decked out, there was just one thing missing. Shoes!!

I told the kids to look under the table but they couldn't find anything. (Tiny technical difficulty - Court had put the shoes I planted under each guest's seat away! I hadn't told him the plan! Oops!) After the shoes were re-planted, the kids realized that there was one shoe waiting for each royal guest under their chair. The missing "slipper" was hiding somewhere upstairs in the playroom! So off they went running to find their missing slippers!

Unfortunately, that concludes my photos from the party! 
My camera man, Uncle Johnny-roo, suffered a flat tire twenty minutes from my house.

Regardless, after a long, stressful tire changing evening, he managed to arrive in time for cake!

Speaking of cake, we did capture Grace blowing out her candles on video!

We were all pooped after the party!

 A big shout out to my sister, Molly, who once again saved the day in the food and organizational department and to Court, who just magically knew to do all the little things that I always forget!

It was a really fun birthday party! Unfortunately, it might be the last for awhile! We might take a birthday break for Grace next December. I absolutely love creating and making these parties for my girls and our extended family so never say never. December just isn't getting less busy/complicated as time goes on. We'll just have to see what happens!

If it was the last "big" birthday bash for a while, it was a good one to end on. Thank you to all our family who came from near and far or who was with in spirit.

Happy birthday Miss Grace!
Still can't believe you are five but so proud of you.

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