Saturday, December 21, 2013

What the The Season is About

While several doctor appointments (not fun) and our niece's third birthday (fun) brought us to Seattle for a few days, we TRULY squeezed in as much fun into our time in Seattle. We managed to get together with our dear friends, Joe and Aimee, and their children for some cookie-decorating, pizza -eating, holiday fun!

We hadn't decorated cookies yet this season and it was soooo nice of Aimee to set up cookie decorating stations for each of the kids. They were all SO focused! I'm definitely going to have to ensure we have time each holiday season for cooking making! It was soo much fun!

It was nice to spend an evening with friends. Catching up and planning for more fun in the future.
After all, that is what the holidays are really about right?
Connecting and appreciating our friends and family!

Unfortunately, we had to call the evening a bit on the early side. We had a date with Santa in the morning!

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