Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Wrap-Up

Anyone else exhausted? Halloween kicked my butt this year! 

The Halloween festivities started Wednesday when the girls had a friend over for a witch-hat decorating party. It was tons of fun and the girls really made some cute hats!!

Might just have to do this every year!

After our hat-making guest headed home, we carved our second round of pumpkins. Grace wanted a "scary" pumpkin and Charlotte wanted a "silly" pumpkin. After I cleaned the pumpkins, I let the girls go at it with a crayon to 'design' their jack-o-lantern. They are both too young to design a pumpkin BUT they felt like they were part of the design process. Very important. On a sketch piece of paper, we worked through the details and then I did my best to make their visions come to life!

Behold...our (only photographed) jack-o-lanterns of 2013!

Grace = scary

Charlotte = silly

It was so fun turning off the lights and watching them glow!

Not sure what they liked more, the glowing pumpkins or the glowing candles!

I soon found them huddled under the coffee table talking to each other in the candlelight.

I was able to get a few cute ones of Grace in nothing but candle light and thought what a great Christmas card this would make...but Charlotte wanted nothing to do with sweet, candle-lit poses.

The next day, Halloween, Grace had a party at school! I volunteered to be a parent helper in her classroom and my MIL graciously agreed to watch Charlotte for me. On the way to school, Grace and I stopped to pick up CHOCOLATE RING DONUTS that we had specially ordered the week prior so that we could make some Pinterest inspired treats for her classroom.

They were supposed to look a little like this...

Well, the donut makers forgot TO MAKE the donuts and Grace was heart broken! I made the mistake of telling her what the treat was we were bringing before hand - the girl loves a chocolate covered donut - and when it was a no go? Tears, tears and more tears!

Luckily, they had exactly the number of bar donuts which didn't totally stop the tears but once we dressed them up...

 and said our thank you words...

everything was ok.
Ok meaning she. ate. single. bite!

I have to say she was one sweet bat-girl!

Then it was off to trick-or-treat.
Not gonna lie. This was a little rough. Both girl were tired upon arrival.

But they trooped on - walking the entire way - through our downtown event 
(held during daylight hours! BOOM!!)

and while they LOVED LOVED LOVED the idea of getting candy 
and singing Trick - or - Treat, Smell my Feet along the way...

they were soon READY to head home.
We were on our way home when we spotted one last had a loooong line, so we knew it had to be good, right?

And it was!
A good one to end on!

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