Thursday, September 5, 2013

Off to the Races...and School (Almost)!

While the school year has not yet started, my job as chaffeur has officially begun.
We are going to be spending A LOT of time in the car...let me rephrase that...I will be spending a lot of time in the car.

My first realization of this came today.
The new dogs had their BIG appointments at the vet and needed to be dropped off by 7:45. After that, I took the girls to our old house to take their "First Day of School Pictures" by their trees. We know the people who are occupying are old house so it was cool we swung by and did our little photo shoot. Eventually, we will move the trees but all in good time. 

Monday real school starts and because the trees are not at our house, I decided to do a pre-first-day-of-school photo session. Monday is going to be hectic enough. We don't need to make a field trip to our old house on top of everything else.

So I dressed the girls up in their first day of school outfits and headed to the old house!
Keep in mind, these photos were taken at 8 am and while they are dressed in the outfits we've picked for the first day, their hair is out of control.
They woke up with TOTAL bed head and I am NOT fluent in hair...whatsoever.
This is the best I could do.

I am not proud of my hair abilities....or lack their of....

First up, Charlotte.

Charlotte will be wearing the outfit Grace wore on her VERY first day of school.

And if I didn't think time was flying by fast enough....

Look at this little nugget!
Two years ago on Grace's first day of school. 

Speaking of Grace....
Grace will be wearing a special couture ensemble. 

She was not quite awake. Gonna have to work on the ole bedtime-early wakeup-early routine!

So the story behind Grace's outfit.
I found this fabric a few years ago.

It has little girls all over it and the name Grace.

I fell in love with it but didn't know what I wanted to make with it. I showed it to my mom earlier this year and she suggested a blouse!
I loved the idea of a special Grace blouse for the first day of school so that is what I made.
I used this pattern and then decided she needed a suspender skirt as well!

After our quick photo session it was off to Grace's orientation!
She'll be in school four days a week and boy was she excited!

Grace's cubby.

They are "diving" into school with an ocean theme! Cuteness!

After orientation, it was off to Mana's house. As I was locking up the house, the girls hopped in the car to get themselves buckled in their seats. 
Charlotte - scratch that - Princess Charlotte thought she was soo clever!

Only 12 more years until this is a reality.

She is like a monkey steering with her feet. 

Anyway, that was our day in a nutshell. 
Lots of excitement. Lots of smiles. Lots of miles being put on the ole 'Burban.

Tomorrow, we meet Charlotte's teacher - Mrs. Anderson.
Good God let's hope she's ready...Mrs. Anderson that is...because Charlotte is R-E-A-D-Y!

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