Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back to Ballet

We are lucky to have a ballet studio here in town. Not only for the exposure to the art, but also because the owner provides classes to little, little ballerinas! Poor Charlotte hasn't been able to get out much. The Mommy and Me class I did with Grace was cancelled the year Charlotte was eligible as was the music class. So it is nice Charlotte finally has her own activity! 

She is loving every minute!

Grace is back in ballet too! She is in a class for five and six year olds and it is much more rigorous!
I can't even begin to explain how happy I am to haver her surgery behind us so that she can begin to build up her strength, balance and confidence!

Ballet has been hard for her. The movements require a lot of leg strength which she is slowly re-gaining. She has asked to sit out several times because her legs get wobbly or she "feels weird" (i.e. embarrassed) which breaks my heart. But better now, when she's hopefully too young to remember, young enough where it doesn't really matter and that the other kids haven't picked up yet on ostracizing the kid that is different. How thankful I am too that her ballet teacher is so patient and understanding. Pushing her when she needs to be pushed, understanding and patient when that is what Grace needs too. Taking extra time to help Grace re-learn her body and how to use it again.
It is comfort to an anxious heart and I am beyond grateful

So while it is just ballet, a sport I do not see my girls investing many years of their life, it is the perfect opportunity and activity for exactly what they each need - right now. 

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