Monday, September 9, 2013

First Day of School {2013}

I like to celebrate all the big and little moments of Grace and Charlotte's life. Some may think that is stupid or needless or that I indulge them. But parenthood has taught me a few things.
One - you can only do what is best for you and your family and two - these moments are fleeting. I feel like that is the theme of this blog as of late. All the fleeting moments. It will all be over before we know it. Sure, that is not totally true. But it is kinda true too. I feel like I am in the sweet spot of the best years, the most fun years (I know they are all fun but I think toddlerhood might be a little sweeter than teenagerdom - just guessin') so I just want to take advantage of all the cuteness and sweetness while I can!

That being said, the first day of school had to be celebrated!! This was a special day because they both had their first day of school on the same day! Next year, that won't be the case! So even though I was bone tired and sick as a dog, I put together a little First Day of School breakfast celebration!

It was a simple breakfast. Blueberry muffins, donuts, cereal and of course, apples!

I used free printables and supplies from the dollar store. 

I love this sign. Sums up what we want them to do, right?

Each girl had their own place setting, with a first day of school questionnaire! 

Those will be fun to look at it in the years to come! Their answers were pretty fun!

A note from Mommy and Daddy!

Each girl got a new art folder with their name on it.
Not sure what it is like at your house, but the artwork around here is coming out of our ears! Which is a love hate relationship. Love the art. Hate the clutter.
Grace with her rainman-like memory will ask to see something she made six months ago and heaven forbid if I can't instantly find it! So problem solved. They can now stuff everything into this folder - except for a few items we hang on their art wall (which I am hoping to create one of these days!)

Above their folder is a little apple pom pom garland I made! 

When the food was finished, we did a fun little scavenget hunt to collect a few new school supplies!

Nothing like a new box of crayons to kick off the year, right?

All the teachers got new tote bags filled with freshly picked apples!
This was a fun project! Grace helped do all the painting!

Then it was off to the first day of school!

First up - Charlotte!

She was SOOO excited and carted her school bag around for about an hour before we had to leave asking every 30 seconds if it was time to go! I was assigned to be a parent volunteer the first day so I got a few pictures of her in action. 

She goes back again on Friday and I won't be in the classroom, so things will be a little more interesting! I think she'll do just fine but Charlotte likes to keep us on our toes!

Since I was in the classroom with Charlotte and Court was at work, Grace spent the morning with Shelly, her babysitter, who I'd like to take a moment to publicly thank. I have no idea if she reads this blog, but I couldn't do all the things I need and want to do with each child without Shelly. She is patient, sweet, flexible and kind and I am so thankful for all that she does!

Once Charlotte was done with school, I had exactly one hour to get home from Tri Cities (a 45 min drive) and to get Grace to school on time. It was a bit hairy and I drove a little too fast so Court and I are working out the kinks this week to make future weeks run a little more smoothly! Thank goodness we live so close to Court's office now! A true lifesaver!

Court got to join in Grace's first day drop off. I think she was a bit overwhelmed! There were two classes of 12 kids and their families all milling about taking pictures. 

But in she went and out she came, three hours later, with nothing but smiles!

Everyone had a great day!
Charlotte words sum it up best...

Charlotte, did you like school?
Yes, I LOVE school.

You do! I am so glad! What was your favorite part?

So with that, we are back to school!
Did you do anything fun to kick off the year?


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