Friday, September 6, 2013

Meeting Mrs. Anderson

Charlotte's orientation was this morning. She played in one room while the parents chatted and got the 411 on the school policies. For a solid hour she played in the other room with no problems! Hoping that it goes just as well next week when it is two hours and I am not anywhere in ear shot. A few pictures from the morning.

On the way in...

So excited. So big. 

We'd been practicing for weeks. When the teacher asks you your name, what are you going to say?

Then, just like we practiced, there was Mrs. Anderson crouched down in front of Charlotte asking her name. 
Charlotte wilted and hid behind my leg. 
Not what I expected. 

On the way out with the school bag she picked out.

So much fun awaits you Miss excited to watch you grow and learn!

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