Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hard to Believe - Charlotte is 3!!

I know it is cliche but it is REALLY, REALLY hard to believe that Charlotte is three! Three!!! How can that be?? Two - maybe. But three?? 

We kicked off the day early! My plan was to blow up a bunch of balloons and put them in her room as a little surprise. But at 5:30 am, as I started blowing up the first balloon, I could hear both girls chatting with each other!! They share a room so this is expected...but 5:30!??! How could they possibly be awake?! I blew up about 10 balloons in about five minutes and made myself terribly light headed in the process. Obviously, I couldn't sneak them into their bedroom but I did manage to get them on the landing about 15 seconds before they came bounding downstairs demanding breakfast. 

Birthday breakfast.

Followed by being on TV!!

Then we went about our business - gymnastics, Costco, grocery store...but we did make a stop at Red Robin for a special birthday lunch!

Charlotte picked out a special birthday cake... 

and we ended the day with dinner and a present from Mommy and Daddy.

Charlotte was excited to turn three 
but not as excited as Grace was for Charlotte to turn three...nonstop chatter!
It was a sweet day.
A simple day.
A great day.

Happy Birthday my sweet Charlotte Katherine!
To many, many more!


T.C.M.+ C said...

so sweet. You are such a an awesome mom. I love how you make their birthdays so special!!

Jody said...

Happy (belated) birthday, Charlotte! I chuckled out of experience at the balloon part of your recap. You gotta do the balloons the night before. Kendry is already an early riser; throw in a birthday and he is ready to start his day before 6am. I was 34 weeks prego on the last birthday so Justin had to do all the balloons, lest I deprive my unborn babes of oxygen, you know? :) Poor guy gave himself a headache. But Kendry sure enjoyed his balloon 'party' upon waking.