Monday, August 12, 2013

Visits...of All Kinds!

The girls and I snuck away for a few days to visit my parents.
While it was hot in our neck of the woods, it was even hotter in Boise. Luckily, my parents have a pool in their neighborhood. All of Boise must have been camping or vacationing or something because the pool was empty everyday! Score!
We swam. 
We hit the splash park.

Enjoyed quiet time by the river at dusk. 

Excitement, heat, a long drive and staying up way past bedtime eventually led to this:

Just a few short days in Boise, then we headed back with my mom in tow!
My dad followed a few days later to visit and to drive my mom home!
They had yet to see our new house, our new dogs or the chickens!!

This guy showed up right after they left.

Yes, that is a kitten.
In a nest.
In a tree.
Clearly, the word is out in the animal world that we are good people.
Funny how the universe works. When all those "let's-have-another-baby" feelings (I blame them completely on Prince George!!) start bubbling and brewing, I am flooded with babies - but of the canine/feline kind. 
Not exactly what I had in mind but it has quelled the fires...
for now. 

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