Thursday, August 1, 2013

Now That It's August...Let's Catch Up On July

Nothing long winded of about pictures and bullet points? Ok maybe no bullet points. I'm not that succinct. Ok...maybe a little long winded. Ya with me?

Here we go!

It was HOT all of July and we were outside ALL OF JULY. With no relieve from water because Grace still had her casts on. The girls became quite the sidewalk chalk artists. Grace even drew all of us - complete with fingers, pupils in the eyeballs and all sorts of details. Unfortunately, I didn't snap a pic before it was gone. 

Rainbow by Charlotte

Rainbow by Grace

The good thing about HOT weather and the occasional afternoon car ride, a certain young lady falls asleep HARD!! She missed almost the entire dinner at Great Grandma's house - even after being woken up and transported inside from the car. This is the only time she naps - HOT mornings followed by a car ride - and it is nice in the moment. But bedtime can be rough!

Dad - this is for you! I opened up the local paper a couple of weeks ago and saw all the team little photos and I was SHOCKED!! I would say that of the 10 teams photographed, every single team had a girl on it! In fact, there was one team that was ALL girls, and I would say the majority of the players throughout the league were girls!! And there were a ton of women coaches! How times have changed?!?! My dad wanted me to learn to play the game the right way and to be challenged. It was hard to understand at the time and I dreaded every second of it, but now, I understand and appreciate the years I was the only girl playing baseball in the little league. It does my heart good - and I'm sure my Dad's - to see so many girls engaged in athletics! Way to go girls!

Of course, a July posting can't be complete without mention of the puppies! They truly saved our summer. I don't know what I would have done without them! They are getting bigger by the second. In fact, the vet said she thought Stranger (below) was showing a mix of St. Bernard!! (GULP!!) They say a rescue dog is forever grateful - that they seem to "just know" how close they were to a terribly bad situation.  While we may have given them a forever home, those dogs gave Grace and Charlotte so much this summer. As a mom on the brink of potentially dark days with surgery, recovery, moving, etc - we are equally as grateful. Those little rascals have wiggled and bounded their way into my heart and I can't imagine a day without them. 

Finally, the BIG day! The casts came off last Friday and someone was excited!! Me!! She wouldn't sit still for a picture she was pretty amped. Believe it or not, she was more amped for the trip to the toy store than she was for the actual cast removal. Oh to be a kid!



Her feet and legs were extremely sensitive. She wouldn't even let us wipe her legs with a warm towel and walking was out of the question. She was given boots to wear during the day and another pair to wear at night. In the picture below, we had just left the toy store (with a new doll!) and Charlotte wanted to go on the playground. This picture was a bit heartbreaking to me. Casts off, exhausted from an extremely long doctor's visit, and hot Seattle weather, she still couldn't join her little sister on the playground. On the other hand, Charlotte was a trooper ALL summer - she stuck by Grace's side - her little lackey - and during every appointment, was good as gold. She deserved a spin on the playground even if it meant big sis had to watch!

The good news? A few hours after the above picture was taken....Grace decided to stand!

We were beyond happy with such quick (painless) progress!

Once back from Seattle, it was time to get back to summer!! Swimming, swimming and more swimming!

Oh and showering! Grace's first post-cast shower was probably 35 minutes long! Not having ever had a cast, I can only imagine how good that must have felt!

While we can now swim and splash, the girls are still very much into being outside.
Particularly Charlotte.

Can I take a moment to mention that I LOVE having a garage!!! After years of burning hot car seats and scraping ice of the windshield, this is my new happy place!

I would have killed for this when the girls still regularly napped in the car!

In other news, the chicken run for the coop is nearly complete!
We let them explore it a bit yesterday. Tonight might be the big night! 
Throw in a bunch of unpacking and that my friends, has been our July!

Looking forward to soaking up the rest of summer! School starts for both girls in September and then we'll really get busy! At least I will be busy - chauffeuring!
Wouldn't have it any other way!

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