Friday, August 2, 2013

Ironical Weather

Grace has had her casts off for officially one week now. In that week, we've had only one, quasi-warm-enough-to-swim day. It's been windy, cool and overcast. And today? Today was the day I had planned on swimming and it is raining!! RAINING?!? In August!! I think Alanis Morissette would have a little something to say about all this....It's like RA-ai-IINNN when you get your casts off....Isn't it ironic? (You know what's ironic? All girls LOVE scream singing Alanis and all guys hate anything Alanis Morissette related. I think she touches a little too close to home for most guys. Hmm? Don't you think?)

Anyway, we did 'force' a swim day on Wednesday. Not super warm, but warm enough. The girls' cousins were finishing up swim lessons in the morning and I had an emergency dentist appointment at 11. (Long story.) So we scooted down to the local pool - which was empty - aside from the kids in lessons! It was so nice...but the water was cold. Grace and Charlotte went in and immediately got out. They made me put their clothes back on and everything. Not 15 minutes later when swim lessons were over and the cousins were ready to play, guess who wanted to get back in their swimsuits?!?!

Oh to be a kid and get so much joy out of such simple things.
Water and jumping.
The water they are jumping into is shallow - Charlotte can stand with her head above water.
But the pool is on a gradual incline so it gets deeper. The bigger kids kept meandering deeper and deeper and it didn't cross Charlotte's mind once that she couldn't keep up - regardless of the fact that she can't totally swim yet!! It was hysterical, challenging, frustrating and scary all at the same time!
No flippin' fear I tell you! Have to watch her like a hawk!! 

The good news is we are headed to Boise next week where it is supposed to be hot as blazes so a trip to the water slides might be in order!

In other news, the chickens spent their first night outside in their coop. Of course, I chose the coolest night of the summer to acclimate them to their new home. 

Before I went to bed, I checked on them and they were all huddled and squished together. They compacted themselves - all four of them - into an area the size of my fist. So I'm pretty sure that meant they were cold. I tried putting a heater in the coop but found out (the hard way) that the outdoor outlets nearest the coop don't work. Ahhh...another thing to add to our (long) list of broken or damaged items that need fixing or replacement. Oh the never ending joys of home ownership!!

With that, who's ready for the weekend?!? Uh, this gal! Court turns a year wiser on Sunday so we get to drink wine excessively and not feel bad about it!! woo hoo! Have a good one!!

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