Saturday, August 17, 2013

Quick Trip...Big Fun

During a time of the year when Court is beyond busy, we were able to take a little break and head to Seattle for two nights!
Even though it was a quick trip, we were able to sneak in lots of fun!

We kicked it all off with dinner at Ruth's Chris - our home away from home!
I'm telling one does a steak better!

The next morning, after a trip to Top Pot, we headed to the Pacific Science Center!

On the way, we got to see all the water exhibits!

The girls had never seen a 3D movie and what an introduction they got!
The movie was about the monarch butterfly and it was very well done. Interesting and believe it or not - emotional. I cried. At a movie...about the monarch migration.
True story.
It was fun watching the girls reach out and try touching the butterflies that appeared to be fluttering all about us. 

 Upon exiting the movie, we realized that it was gonna be a really nice day! 

And as it was approaching another meal time, off to Ray's Boat House we went!
Upon arrival, we had the option of sitting in the shade or the sun. Obviously, we chose the sun. 
Fifteen minutes later we realized we'd made a mistake. 

These girls, who spend an incredible amount of time in 90+ degree heat for weeks on end, couldn't handle the Seattle sun! We could practically see them melting in front of us.

Hempfest was going on while we in town and that meant traffic, traffic and more traffic. 
Luckily, the sun zapped  the girls and slept through the painful ride home.

And then something truly amazing happened. I mean - out of this world, never-happens-amazing!

The girls fell back asleep after we took them out of the car!!
An you know what that means!
Mom and Dad got to take a nap too!
And not just any nap. A three hour epic nap! 
Best day EVER!!

When we woke up, it was time to eat again!
So off to Benihana we went...

with Auntie Molly!

Who knew Benihana was super family friendly?

The children's menu roll up into chef's hats.
Uh genius! Girls loved it!

Somebody else loved the chef's hat!!

Ever since Auntie Molly babysat a few weekends ago, she has been requested on a daily basis.
Often through tears.

The girls were very happy that Auntie Molly joined us!

The "chopstix with training wheels" made eating more fun!
Grace is not an adventurous eater on a good day but she tried everything and decided to stick with the rice. Charlotte on the other hand...

Finally, a shout out to our friendly waitress June!
She kept us well hydrated throughout the evening...if you know what I mean.

With that, our jaunt to Seattle concluded.
Next up, getting stuck on the pass on the ride home for over an hour due to an accident!
Not the ending we were looking for but home safe n sound nonetheless!

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Julia said...

It looks like a really fun weekend! You all are dressed so cute!