Friday, June 28, 2013

We Made It

The calm before the storm...
strike that...
the eye of the storm.

Our last Saturday at Home Place. 

We decided to sleep in and have a bit of a lazy morning.
Family breakfast followed by a walk outside before Court headed off to work and I took the girls to a My Little Pony movie (Charlotte's first show at a theater!).

As we headed out for our jaunt in the backyard, we ran into trouble.
BIG trouble. 
The kind of trouble that breaks your heart.

The kind of trouble that makes you do crazy things... feed two stray dogs that randomly show up at your house two days before you move.

What other option did we have? 
So we fed them and gave them some water and vowed to find them a home after the move.

The girls were {not} helpful in the packing process.
They were good at entertaining themselves a bit - although that involved getting a lot of stuff out that I was trying to stash away in a moving box. 

My sister was a total rock star and came over to entertain the girls for me on the day of the move.
She took them to a movie and to lunch and kept them busy while I ran around with my head cut off.
(Huge thank you to Molly. Couldn't have done it without her!)
Move day was not fun.
The movers were late and because of a torrential down pour that morning, they were unable to park their truck in the driveway. Instead, they had to park down the street and shuttle 
every. single. item
down the steps of our porch, 
down the driveway,
through the gate,
out onto the street (where they blocked an entire lane of traffic)
and then up the ramp into the truck.
When I say it took forever, I mean it took forever.
It didn't help that two little puppies were running around under foot. I had boarded Lindey and Lucky.
I locked the puppies in the girls' playhouse but they escaped. All the doors to the house were open for obvious reasons and I knew they would claw and scratch any room they were locked in...
so I did what any person with a heart would do.
I piled them in the car and took them to the new house.
Luckily, the new house came with a dog run.

It didn't take long for the girls to fall in love.

At six that night, the movers were still loading the truck at the old house and because I was worried about where we eat and sleep that night and when!!!, we told them to leave everything else!
{Guess who gets to rent a UHaul tomorrow and finish our move?!!?}

The movers finally finished at 11:30 that night. The last items off their truck were our beds - of course.
It was a long night.

The next morning we woke up and our new baby chicks were delivered! yay!!

They are so small and so cute and the girls love them!!
Unfortunately, two of our eight didn't make it but the rest seem to be thriving!
It's amazing how quickly they've grown in just a few days.

I'll share more pictures soon but my goodness things have been busy and I'm tired.

The good news is we are moved.
Still living in boxes but each day things get a little bit better and little more organized.

And the puppies you ask?
We kept them, of course.

Meet Stranger and Hiccup (formerly known as Danger)...Charlotte was wishy washy on her dog's  name (yes her dog) when we went to the vet yesterday for their first round of shots, but as of today, she is firm. The name is Hiccup.
Welcome to the family...and your our new home!

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Amy said...

Wow! I am feeling tired after having just read about your recent adventures! Congrats on getting moved despite all the obstacles in your way. And on your newest family additions, I totally would have kept them too.:-) How cute, both the puppies and the chicks.