Thursday, June 6, 2013

Water Slides

Last week at this time, the girls and I were on the road to Boise. It was a three part trip: 1) prepare Grace for her upcoming surgery, 2) visit the grandparents and 3) hit the water slides! As swimming is Grace's FAVORITE thing to do and she won't be able to do it most of the summer, I wanted to sneak in as much swimming as possible. As we rolled into Boise, it was cold and windy! Hitting the water slides did not look good. By Saturday afternoon, it was in the low 80s. Once it hits the 80s, that is swimming weather in my book! Lucky enough, my parents live just 15 minutes away from one of the largest water slide parks I've ever seen! So off we went..the girls, Grandma and me!

As we were walking up to the entrance, we saw a family of quail - complete with teeny, tiny babies! They were so cute and the girls LOVED them! Even if the slides were a bust, I think the girls would have been happy with just seeing the quail!

But the slides were not a bust. In fact, they were far from it! I wasn't sure what to expect because water slides seem to be a big kid activity. This place had an entire pool dedicated to just little kids! With three big slides and several play toys scattered through the was amazing!

While it appears that they are hating life, I promise they had fun - Grace in particular!

Grace was big enough and brave enough to ride on all three "big" slides by herself!!
She even went down in a twirly intertube!

Charlotte, had she wanted to, could have gone down all the slides by herself as well. Understandably, she was a little apprehensive. So she and I went down the yellow slide...

over and over again!

By the end of the day, she decided she wanted to go down the yellow slide by herself!
We also went on the lazy river but I think the girls were so cold at that point that they didn't enjoy it all that much. Plus, there were a lot of rowdy big kids.

Grace was totally content paddling around by herself - waiting for me and Charlotte to join her at the bottom of the slides. 

The park was hot - especially amidst all the concrete - and I thought the water felt great!
Grace and Charlotte got a little cold and had to take a break to warm up.

I'm glad that they are a little more adventurous than me! I was always afraid of water slides as a kid.
Come to find out they are a lot of fun!

As we rolled out of town the next morning, we passed by the water park and Grace was sure to state for the record that she wanted to go back the next time we are in Boise!

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