Monday, June 10, 2013

Getting the Most Out of Summer - Before It Starts/Ends

Technically, it's not even summer yet. You wouldn't know it though because we have been squeezing all the summer we can out of every day. Water slides, parks, pools, playing outside...I probably have more of a tan now than I have in five years! 

Charlotte finally worked up the courage to go down the little slide by herself and LOVED it!! I knew she would! So I took her down the BIG twisty slide - on my lap - but when she saw all the other kids going down by themselves, a fit of epic proportions ensued! She wanted nothing to do with me and everything to do with going down the slide by herself! She didn't understand that this was opening day at the local pool and it was PACKED! The lifeguards were in overdrive because it was insane and they were eager to blow their whistles. So no rule bending was going to be had - no matter how much she wanted to do the slide by herself; no matter how capable. While her mind may be that of dare devilish five year old, her body still measures as a two-year-old-just-three-months-shy-of-her-third-birthday and that equates to a no-go as a solo on the slide. Frankly, that was just unacceptable and pissed her off. 

Grace enjoyed the pool too and was able to do a solo trip down the big twisty slide but we won't be mentioning that in front of a certain two year old I know! ha!

We've been making the best of the great spring weather we've had so that we don't feel like we are missing it while Grace is recovering. I must say that she seems to be doing well with her upcoming surgery. We talk about it several times a day and she 'understands' the timeline and the process. She knows she will have casts and will wake up feeling "weird and maybe a little upset." I think her practice run with Grandpa REALLY helped. Even though she is able to regurgitate back to me all of details about her surgery, I know she has no idea what casts are, how they really feel and how miserable they will likely make her. (I've never had a cast...I've just heard horror stories - particularly about casts getting wet!) So it is had to expect how these next few weeks will go.

The good news is the new house doesn't have a pool and Court will have to make build a new sandbox so she won't have those temptations staring her in the face everyday! But we will have a surprise for the girls in just a few weeks...

The first half of the surprise came late last week, the other half comes toward the end of the month - hopefully! Any guesses?!?!?


Claudia said...

What is it going to be, a chicken coop???

Home Sweet Home Place said...

Yep a chicken coop! Move next week; chickens the following week...I hope!!