Sunday, June 9, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend {2013}

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, we headed to Sun Valley with friends and a pile of kids for the Memorial Day weekend...but just getting the post up now - three weeks later. 
We rolled in Thursday and quickly headed out to dinner.
We chose a very low-key, family friendly restaurant - Cava Cava - because no one could have predicted how four children under four would do at dinner.
Happy to report: 1. all the kids did great, 2. we spotted this guy at dinner (you may know him from his most recent big screen appearance in The Bourne Legacy!) and 3. they had THE BEST ice cream ever!! It was a salted chocolate caramel but it had overtones of coffee.
I am telling you...DEE - LISH!!!!

Saturday morning we hit the YMCA pool. We'd heard it was good...but we weren't prepared for just how good!!

It was a water wonderland and that slide is no joke!

Grace went on it a TON (which meant that Court and I went down it a ton) and LOVED it.

Charlotte went on it twice but wasn't sold on loving it. 

She was happier snacking on the sidelines.

Then off to lunch at the Lodge.

I love the picture below.
Says a lot no? 
Little bread, little crayons, little wine - the secret recipe for dining out with kids!

The Dads - plotting an escape to the golf course the next day - buttered up the Moms by making dinner that night. They did everything. Planned the meal, shopped for the meal, cooked the meal and wait for it CLEANED UP AFTER THE MEAL!
It was amazing!!

While the guys were cooking, we took the kids to a playground...for getting the wiggles out and a little photo 'sesh'.

The lighting was right. The cameraman was ready so we tried for a family photo. 
We tried for a family picture...

Strike One

Strike Two

Strike Three

The bunk beds were a hit with the girls and although they climbed to the top bunk more times than I can count, no one ended up sleeping there. Maybe next time!

Lots of R&R. 

A little dancin'. 

And lots of outside fun!

So, so, so glad we got to get away with our friends and their kids! With life getting busier and busier, we are only able to get together once or twice a year, but like any true friendship, it picks up, right where it left off and is so easy and so fun! Until next time...

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