Sunday, June 30, 2013

We Interrupt Unpacking...

It's been busy and the girls have done a pretty tremendous job of entertaining themselves.
(Truth be told, Stranger and Hiccup have earned their keep a thousand times over.)
So we broke things up yesterday morning and while Court went to work, I took the girls to the Cherry Festival at Bill's Berry Farm to blow off some steam...and get some donuts! It almost didn't happen because a huge thunderstorm rolled through that morning, but the sun broke through and thus we were on our way!

First stop, donuts!
Homemade cherry donuts hot off the press. 

Grace loves theses suckers and had the skies opened up and she missed out on all the other fun activities, she wouldn't have minded as long as she left with a tummy full of these!

Mission accomplished. 

Next stop? 
The train!

The girls displayed obvious signs of cabin fever. They were go, go, go!!

Off to the tree fort...stopping only for a quick drink and another donut! 

I was a bit worried about Grace out on the farm in her casts. It just had rained really hard and I feared mud and dirt. She still has 3.5 weeks to go and that is a long time when you are itchy and uncomfortable. So I concocted a little foot protection with our grocery bags. It did the trick!

In the middle of picking cherries, Court called and our Uhaul truck that we had rented for the afternoon hadn't been returned and thus, we were out a truck. They did have a truck NOW but it was available only for three hours!
So I hightailed it out of Bill's farm and back to the old house to meet Court. 
We moved and hauled all the remaining 'big stuff' and got it on the truck. We ran back to the new house for an unload and at that point the girls just lost it. It was HOT!! And they were worn out. 
Court - the amazing trooper that he is - returned to the old house for one more run before we ran out of time with the truck. While he was able to pack and clear out a lot, he wasn't able to get it all!
Yes, we'll be going back. In fact, this week is going to be all about making little trips back and forth.
It feels like it will never be over!

But when I stop to take a breath, and I look around - I really look around all the world is right. 

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