Thursday, September 23, 2010


Two days past due now and still nothing. No movement. No contractions. No dilation. We had an appointment with the doctor yesterday to discuss options - to induce or not to induce - that was the question.

It is a tough decision. While it would be nice to have everything happen naturally, there is also something nice about knowing when and where. So after peppering the doctor with questions about safety for baby (and Mom) and mulling it over on the long car ride home, we've decided that if Charlotte does not get things movin' on her own, we will get things going on Saturday, September 25. Stay tuned!


Megan said...

Good luck! Hopefully she'll come soon! My husband's birthday is Saturday too... :)

T.C.+ M. said...

thanks for the updates kate. I've been thnking about you but i don't want to be one of those people that harass your uterus.
I hope you don't have to be induced, come on Charlotte!!

Claudia Olsen said...

We will be thinking about you! Good luck and a smooth & quick delivery!!!