Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Saving Money is Hard to Do

Almost three years ago, I received this bank as a gift. The directions said that if you were to fill it completely you could save about $500. And what better thing to save for than a new handbag?!

I only saved silver change - quarters, dimes and nickels... for 

Finally, it was time to crack her open. 

Time to hit the Coin Star!!
I was giddy thinking about what I'm going to do with $500.

Unfortunately, at the time I started saving, I wrote myself a note and slipped it into the bank. 

It said: "By the time this bank is full, I will likely have children and should spend the money on something they need."

Oh being responsible can be SUCH a buzz kill!

The bad news? I didn't save $500. (Maybe if I had saved only quarters??)
The pretty good news? I saved $164. 

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