Tuesday, September 28, 2010

IT Happened

Well, I know I owe everyone an update regarding Miss Charlotte. Pictures, recounting my labor and delivery details and relaying how Big Sister Grace is getting along. All in good time people... I am trying to juggle two kids!! Pictures just don't upload themselves and blog posts just don't get written by some magical Harry-Potter-like-wizard-gadget, ya know? It all takes time!! And time is just something that I just don't have a lot of these days.

But something happened today that rocked my world. It'll just take a minute to share and then I'll get right on that post regarding Charlotte.

So here goes:

Fed Ex made a delivery today and IT happened...the FedEx guy asked me...WAIT FOR IT... when I was due!! WHEN WAS I DUE?! I was asked - post-partum - when I was going to give birth!!! I gave birth 4 days ago!!! Obviously, I still look completely pregnant. Lovely. What a blow to the self-esteem.
I didn't know what to say. Do I say I gave birth 4 days ago and make him feel like a total schmuck for asking or do I just laugh it off? Do I start crying right then and there?!?!?
I LIE and tell him I'm due next week!
What? Why?! Why did that just come out of my mouth?! He told me good luck and hopped back in his truck...not knowing he'd just rocked my world. Now here I am - balancing two kids on my lap, typing with one hand...trying to suck in my "baby bump". UGH. Let the good times roll!!

Ok...I vented. Onto more important things....Charlotte! Posts and pics soon...I promise!

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