Monday, September 13, 2010

Single Digits

Ladies and Gentleman,

The countdown to Baby Charlotte has somehow landed in the single digits. Last night, I started having a small panic attack about how I'm not ready for all of this. I'm too tired to endure labor - let alone sleepless nights and breastfeeding under the close watch of a 'green-eyed monster'....I mean a delightful and polite toddler. (She is saying "peeeese" these days - for EVERYTHING!)

After staring at the ceiling (well the wall - I can't lay on my back because the weight of Charlotte crushes my lungs and interior organs) for 45 minutes, I finally came to the conclusion (wait for it - this is mind- blowingly-original)

Ready or she comes! 

(I told you it was deep! Pregnancy has sapped my brain of all knowledge and original thoughts. Grace pointed to two things yesterday asking for their names - one was a handle thingy in the shower and one was some moss (I think). For the life of me, I couldn't remember the names of either and told her we'd have to wait until Daddy got home to ask him. F+ on the Mommy Scorecard for me!)

Anyway, this is (more than likely) the last week of just the three of us so we've decided to make it all about Grace. Whatever she wants to do, we will do as it might be the last time she gets to do anything for quite sometime. *sigh* Luckily, she still 'wants' to take one nap a day for juuuuust about two hours!! She has excellent taste in choosing activities if I do say so myself!


Claudia Olsen said...

We did the same thing with Lena before Lilly was born.
Have tons of fun!!!

Kim said...

Yay! Your almost there! Hope you are having a good week- I'm looking forward to pictures :)