Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Well, it looks like Charlotte's due date will come and go without baby Charlotte.. The waiting and not knowing when and where this is all going to happen is starting to grate on my nerves.

While I DON'T KNOW when Charlotte will be ready to debut, there are a few things I DO KNOW about being ready to have a baby. When it is time to have a baby:

1. Your maternity clothes no longer fit. I didn't know that this was possible but it has happened to me...of course. I have not one clothing item that fits. NOT ONE I tell you. It's not like it is uncomfortable enough with clothes that fit. Imagine my angst (and everyone I see in public) to be at least a smidge smaller so I can properly cover myself up.

2. You and your husband are looking forward to the hospital stay with as much giddiness as if it were a two week, all-expense-paid vacation to Tahiti. We are a little sick in the head with harvest, chasing around a 21-month old and awaiting the arrival of a newborn - obviously!

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The Gimlins said...

Oh man! Running out of clothes that fit is the pits! You are almost there! :)