Monday, September 29, 2008

Baby Shower to the Rescue

Leading up to the baby shower generously hosted by Court's aunts, Mary Lynne and Gayle, I thought I was being a responsible parent-to-be. Bought the safest car seat (that matches my car). Check. Researched cribs until I was cross-eyed. Check. Bought the must-have changing table and rocking chair. Check and check. All were assembled (albeit slowly) and safely nestled in the nursery months in advance of Grace's birth. CHECK. Now I would be able to sit back the next two months and eat my way through the upcoming holidays...errr I mean focus on eating healthy and working out relentlessly.

One minor detail forgotten. This baby needed to be clothed - especially during the frigid, winter, Washington months. Somehow baby clothes, arguably the most expensive item of the nursery (because the little rascals 1) never stop growing and 2) never stop spitting up and ruining everything) didn't make my "baby-stuff-to-buy" checklist.

Baby shower to the rescue! Generous friends and family came to my rescue, or Grace's rescue I should say, and have clothed my baby for at least the first year of her life. Granted more is needed but she is much better off than she was a few weeks ago!
Thank you to all who have helped this mother-to-be get prepared for Grace's arrival. It was a lovely afternoon and one that I will always remember!

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Molly said...

Who are the 3 really pretty ladies in the bottom pick? I think Grace has a pretty good gene pool if I do say so myself.