Monday, September 8, 2008

Scale Shock

Today, marks the first day of the third trimester! It's all downhill from here people (thank god because I don't think I could do any uphill traveling at this point). To celebrate, I decided to weigh myself. (Umm yeah. Did I mention that pregnancy causes you to lose your mind from time to time?).

I don't think I can adequately relay my shock over my weight gain. Since our bathroom remodel began back in June, my scale has been upstairs in the guest bedroom - on carpet. From time to time, I would weigh myself. Each time I got off the scale I would see a bit of increase but nothing super shocking. I am pregnant and fully expect to see the numbers rise. So today I hopped on and it said that I had not gained a pound since the last time I weighed myself about a month ago. Thrilled but thinking this reading suspect, I relocated the scale to sturdier ground. Maybe the carpet was throwing off the scale. BOOM! My on-the-carpet-reading had given me an initial 25 pound weight gain. By moving the scale to sturdier ground, I instantly gained another 10 pounds! 35 pounds! A 35 pound weight gain! A 35 pound weight gain! (Well, I am telling myself 32 pounds because I was fully dressed and my hair was wet.) 32 pounds! 32 pounds and I still have three months to go! How can this be possible?! (I think my days of morning sickness when I was craving comfort foods is the culprit. You'd think the morning sickness part would cancel out the comfort food cravings but it doesn't look like that is the case.)

Needless to say, the scale shock I am feeling has sent me into action. No more comfort food. No more bagels with butter and cream cheese. No more cake. UGH UGH I am heading to the store today to buy nothing but chicken breasts, spinach and fruit. Maybe I will even walk to the store so I can burn some additional calories. Hmm...maybe if I walk to the store AND chew gum at the same time I can maximize my calorie burn. my pregnant brain is working!! I am posting a picture that was taken of me and Court at a wedding we went to this past weekend so you can see the damage I have done.

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Anonymous said...

Katie, you are gorgeous! Please just enjoy and try not to worry -- I gained 50 pounds with William and all is well again! Life is really too short not to just enjoy how beautiful you are! Can't wait to catch up in person and to eventually meet your princess!!! Congratulations friend!!! Heather Hofer