Monday, September 15, 2008

Barefoot and Pregnant

The phrase "barefoot and pregnant" brings up bad connotations. It brings to mind the "little wife" clad in an apron stuck at home slaving away over dinner when she could be bringing home the bacon. I realize we have come a long way and that women today have a lot of options. They can work outside the home and still be terrific mothers and wives. They can remain at home with their children or work part-time. I do not take issue with any woman's choice to work outside the home or to dedicate herself to her family. Afterall, it is a choice - a personal choice - and I believe in freedom of choice - on all levels. My issue with this phrase is that realistically speaking being barefoot is the only way to be comfortable while pregnant!

Recently, I had to cram my swollen, pregnant feet into a pair of heels to attend a dinner. Prior to pregnancy, my go-to-shoes were a pair of black kitten heels. If I knew I was going to be on my feet all day or was going to have to walk a lot, these babies would get me through pain free. My kitten heels have definitely lost their magic touch during this pregancy. The other day, I stuffed my feet into them and watched as each foot oozed out of each shoe. Not comfortable and definitely not the look I was going for.

Currently, I have four pairs of shoes that fit. Two of which are flip flops and one is a pair of slippers so they don't really count. I am excited for fall/winter because I can throw on my Ugg boots and that is basically like walking around barefoot on clouds!

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