Tuesday, February 19, 2013

*Plane* Entertainment

As I mentioned, we just got back from vacation. 

Flying to Hawaii is not walk in the park - even from the west coast...without kids. Our flight itinerary took us through San Francisco and it was 6+ hours to Lihue from there. And we still had a 3 hour drive to Seattle and a flight from Seattle to San Francisco. Like I said, no walk in the park!

But this post isn't to bitch about our travel woes. Oh no!
In fact, this is a super special post because I'm sharing HOW.WE.SURVIVED!

First, we woke these ladies up early. Like 3 am early. Like run you ragged, put you down for weeelllll after bed time and let you sleep only 6 hours early.  I realize, that we were truly playing with fire on this one and this totally could of back fired. Tired kids usually means cranky, fussy and tuntrumy kids. But our sleep schedule wasn't necessarily by choice. It's just the way it worked out. After all, our SEA --> SFO flight left at 5am! If we are getting technical, we actually let them sleep in for a 5 am flight! ha!

Believe it or not, Grace woke up like a beam of sunshine. Bright and excited.

Charlotte on the other hand was...er...vertical
and definitely not up for pictures.

I packed an arsenal of toys, snacks and a few surprises much to Court's chagrin.
The girls sandwiched me on the flights and Court schlepped the bags.
Fair trade, no?

There were two stand-out toys that were such hits I HAVE to share them!
The first is made by Melissa and Doug and this was a total sleeper. 
I threw it in my cart at Target one day, thinking maybe it would kill 5 or 10 minutes on the plane.

Boy was I wrong!

Hours you guys! HOURS and HOURS they played with this! Run...do not walk...to purchase this! I've already stocked up!!

The other magical toy surprise busted out mid-flight was a package of mermaids.
Thank you Target!
I can't remember what they are called or what aisle or who makes them...helpful I know. 
I just know they were cheap, small and looked *beachy.*
Into the cart they went and success they were!

If they weren't playing with the above toys or eating, they were ASLEEP!
Are you kidding me?!
It's been years since I've been on a plane with "free time."
I was almost unprepared
as I wasn't expecting time to myself.
I mean a vacation to a SAHM is kinda like another day at the office...more or less.

I read. 
I watched the in-flight movie.
I slept...I even finished a sewing project!

Perhaps all this sleep and water-pen play was too - good - to - be - true.
The flight Gods would surely pay us back on the return flight.
But in the mean time, I'll be clogging this space with pictures of our adventures soon!
You are on the edge of your seat...I'm sure.

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