Thursday, February 21, 2013

Doing Something New...and Old

Normally, I like to do one post per topic. For example, Christmas. I try to put all the happenings of the day in one post. I think that is one reason it takes me sooooo long to get a post together. Pick out photos. Upload photos. Write something witty about said I just write something. You can be the judge of my wittiness.

And while I am doing all that, I don't get around to posting about the happenings of that day. The funny thing Grace said or the crazy outfit Charlotte insisted on wearing. So I am going to attempt something new. I am going to do some catch up posting and some current event posting all in one post! Mind blowing, right?!?!

So here it goes:

Not much to report from yesterday...although this is how things looked when I woke up. Court was away on business and somehow these three snuck in with me!

I went over to Seattle and back for another dental appointment. That same ole tooth is still bugging me...a lot. The treatment I had been doing isn't working so onto plan B...which will require more trips to Seattle, a trip to a periodontist and I am foreseeing a large amount of discomfort before any final relief is achieved. Good times. 

Charlotte's outfit of choice....

She says she looks like a tooth fairy. 

Outfit complete with gloves like Cinderella.
Sorry for the blurry pic...and the mess. Stopping by my house unexpectedly wouldn't be a good idea! ha ha ha

One other tidbit about Charlotte. She loves Mandarin oranges. In the past few days, she's eaten at least 5...each day!!

So that brings you somewhat up to speed. Now for a bit of a rewind!

A few vacay pics!

We stayed in Poipu on the south side of the island. We did visit the north side - BEAUTIFUL! - but it can be a bit rainier this time of year.

Highway to heaven!
I absolutely love tree lined I was in love with this jungle lined entrance to Poipu!


We stayed footsteps from Baby Beach which was nearly empty on most of our visits!
It was shallow and calm. 

The girls could easily - and safely - play and us parents could sit back and relax.
About 20 feet out was a legit tide pool - starfish, sea cucumbers, sea was like having our own Hawaii aquarium! We even saw a sea turtle floating not 10 feet off shore one morning!
I HEART sea turtles!

We packed up the girls one day and headed up the rainiest place on least that's what the guide book told us. It didn't rain but it was all fogged in at the very top so we weren't able to see all the way down island to the ocean.

We did stop at the halfway point - just in time for the fog to clear - and were able to catch a few glimpses of this huge, magnificent canyon!

A "grand canyon" in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!!
Who would have thunk it?!?!

A couple was nice enough to take our picture. You can't tell it but I am using all my strength to keep Charlotte still. She was super revved up and picture taking is at the top of her dislikes list.
Also, you can't tell but I am terrified of heights and the drop off on the other side of that rickety fence is VERTICAL'd say...20 bizillion feet. 
I didn't realize I was so close to the fence until I saw this picture and I still shudder when I look at it!

(Side note: there are a lot of viewing points along the windy road up to the top of the mountain...almost all of them have a vertical drop like this and almost all of them have foot prints on the other side of the "fence!!" People are freaking crazy!!)

Moving on.
If you've heard of Kauai then you've probably heard about it's chickens...and roosters!

Now I happen to love chickens and roosters. Court not so much.
And it is true. They are everywhere.
We even had our own personal rooster at the house we rented!

I don't think he helped me convince Court that this was the year for a chicken coop!

Long ago, missionaries transcended on the Hawaiian islands. You can still feel their presence - sorta speak - because there are a TON of churches. I mean A TON!
I thought there were a lot of churches where I live...but no, Kauai has more. 

I don't spend a lot of time in churches but I do love me a cute church.
I mean how darling is this? Stained glass and all!
If this was my local church, I WOULD HAVE to go...just so I could sit in the sunlight streaming through the windows!

My uncle lives on Kauai...lucky guy!
He's smart enough to live on Kauai with no cell phone, answering machine, computer...totally disconnected! Court's dream! 
(I know I could go without my gadgets but I really wouldn't want to.)
Anyway, I haven't seen Uncle Bruce in decades so we got to have a reunion and he got to meet Court and the girls. Unfortunately, Grace fell asleep both times we visited which is crazy because Grace never  sleeps! The sand and sun is good for wears her out!

A few pictures that summed up things for everyone...

Longboard - Court's new favorite beer. 

Charlotte - A total water baby and looking mighty grown up I might add!

Grace: ICE CREAM!! She wouldn't touch the stuff for almost a year but the second we landed, it is all she wanted and to my waist line's chagrin, we visited the ice cream shop every. single. day. In fact, we even visited the shop twice in one day!! Unfortunately, I am my father's daughter and can't pass up ice cream!
Grace's favorite flavor was Chocolate Oreo Cookie Crunch. Charlotte's was Triple Berry - the girl loves fruit! And mine was Carmel Cashew Turtle Cluster!!
Mmmm...I think I ate my yearly allowance of ice cream in a week!!

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