Saturday, February 23, 2013

Last Few Days of Vacay and Valentine's Day {2013}

A few downsides to a vacation on Kauai.

It can be windy

and rainy.

The weather moves fast so it's usually just a quick little storm...but you can see how a hurricane is possible. They've had two in last 20 or 30 years that have devastated the island. 

The good news about rain on vacation?...There is only one thing to do!


Ok, ok! Two things to do! Nap and drink wine!
It's a perfect combination if you ask me!...Kids nap and parents drink!

Our favorite restaurant was Tide Pools. It was an open air restaurant surrounded by a Koi fish pond. The girls loved the fish and we loved the food!

We went twice!! The girls were even allowed to feed the fish...note the feeding frenzy!!

As we were leaving the restaurant, they gave the girls each a lei!

Charlotte LOVED hers and would have worn it to bed if we had let her!
The moment she woke, back on it went, for the remainder of the vacation!

Another favorite spot was Joe's on the Green.
The club house at a nearby golf course. A locals hot spot. Nothing fancy but great food!

This cracked me up! Charlotte started painting her nails with a french fry and ketchup!
Miraculously, she didn't get a drop on her blanket or dress!

Uncle Bruce came over again to watch the sunset!

And then, it was the last day of vacation!
Why do vacations always fly by??

The last full day of vacation was Valentine's Day and I just can't let a holiday go by without doing a little something special. 

Using the pattern here, I made two little mail boxes and some love letters to go in them!

I discovered photographic fabric and was able to draw some love notes on the ipad and print them off on the fabric to make special little letters...some that even included artwork created by Grace and Charlotte! It took me to the last minute to get these done. Every bit of spare time in the last month was poured into these mailboxes because most of the sewing was done by hand. I think I was finishing some of the stamps about 10 minutes before Charlotte woke up!

They each got a few treats - things they'd been eyeing in the stores!

Not sure she's grasped the idea of "acting like a princess!"

For our big, romantic, last-night-in-paradise, Valentine's Day Dinner extravaganza, we went to a Luau.

Neither of us knew what to expect as we'd never been to a Luau but what could be wrong with all you can eat and all you can drink, right?

The girls LOVED LOVED LOVED it and danced their little hearts out!

It was the perfect way to wrap up the evening and the vacation!

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