Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hittin' the Slopes!

After getting our little ski bunnies dressed for the slopes...

We were finally able to hit the mountain!

Grace went down the magic carpet run one time and when asked if she wanted to do it again she said no! I want to ride that thing...and pointed at the chair lift. 
The next thing I knew Court had  swooped her off onto the chair lift. So I decided to take Charlotte for her first runs on the magic carpet. 
She LOVED it! Unfortunately, all hands were on deck so no one was able to video tape Charlotte's first time on skis. (This mommy is NOT happy about that!) But I have permanently recorded her smile and squeal in my mind for all eternity!

When Court finally returned with an ECSTATIC Grace, we decided to both take her up on the chair lift!

After making two more trips with Grace up and down the chair lift, we finally went back to see how Charlotte was fairing on the magic carpet with her grandparents.

She probably went up and down at least 15 times but I HAD to get at least one run on video, so I took her up one more time.

I know in the video she doesn't look like she is having fun but I am telling you she did and her 3+ hour nap this afternoon tells me I might have pushed that light run for posterity's sake.
We'll be shredding again tomorrow!

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