Saturday, January 14, 2012

NYC 2012

Like I said, we rolled up to NYC from Boston to break up the loooong train ride to Philly...PLUS who wouldn't want to make a pit stop in the Big Apple?

Charlotte enjoying her first train ride. 

We arrived in New York with just enough day light to take a walk and hit some touristy hot spots. 

Namely Rockefeller Plaza.

We saw the ice skaters...

...well most of us did.
Grace finally got that much needed nap during our walk about.

Unfortunately, Charlotte never napped and Grace's brief little stint in the stroller wasn't enough to prevent them from climbing off the walls during our pre-dinner cocktail hour overlooking Central Park. (I didn't get a picture. Shoot!)

During our pre-kid years, Court and I would've holed up at a small restaurant and gorged for hours and then stayed up way too late by going to a bar afterwards.

But the kids had been cooped up for far too long and a meal out at a restaurant would have been brutal for everyone. 

So we had dinner in our hotel room which was a bit of a disappointment for me and Court...I mean we aren't in NYC everyday people - but it actually turned out to be just what the doctor ordered! During dinner, we managed to watch Mr. Popper's Penguins (yep, we did) which was about penguins - obvi - but also family and the crazy lengths you go for those that you love. It helped put our evening in our hotel room in perspective...and then we all sang koom-bye-ya.
Just kidding. 

The next morning, we all felt much better. 
We decided to take the girls for a carriage ride through Central Park.
Horses? Carriages? Central Park?
A real life fairy tale, right?!?!

Let's just say it will always be a "perfect" memory!

When we got on the carriage it was almost 50 degrees. A heat wave by NYC standards in January.
When we got off the carriage it was snowing. Just a bit of a weather change there!

Charlotte was sitting on my lap and we were huddling together to keep warm. All of a sudden I felt something VERY warm coming from the general vicinity of Charlotte's bottom. 
I started to laugh.
"Court, I think Charlotte just wet her pants. I can feel the warmth from her diaper."
A few minutes pass. It is still REALLY warm.
Hmmmm....that seems weird.

Lift up Charlotte and discover she is SOAKING are my legs. 
Her diaper had exploded and the urine was being sopped up by my jeans.

Being covered in her own urine didn't seem to phase Charlotte, especially since the girls were able to pet and feed the horse when the hour long ride through the park in a snow storm was {finally} over.

And that concludes our very brief stint in NYC.
Very short and very sweet.
Onwards and upwards to Philadelphia.

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