Sunday, January 1, 2012

Healthy New Year!

The day after Christmas, the tree was undecorated, the house cleaned, the girls packed up (me not so much - I have forgotten everything - extra contacts (currently going w/out one contact in my left eye, curling iron just to name a few) and all those final lose ends of the post-Christmas celebration were finalized. Yes! It was time for our annual post-holiday road trip to Idaho!

First stop, my parents' house. One hiccup. The plague flu had hit their house. To go or not to go? That was the question.

We hee'd and haw'd. Do we put the kids at risk of the flu? We went through it last year where we all got sick (except Charlotte) and it was hands down the worst week of our lives.

But if we didn't go, we'd miss "Christmas" with my family, my sister's 30th birthday celebration and my Grandma visiting all the way from Indiana.

We decided to go.

We got sick.

So for the last five days we've been working through the flu. The kind that makes your darling 15 month old daughter who is bouncing along - singing to herself - projectile vomit in your face while you are de-robing your three year old who has just vomited all over her new Christmas outfit.

Oh the joys of parenthood, right?

So as I catch up on the blog after a week of being house bound and see/hear/read about the resolutions of others, I can't help but hope and wish for health. For us. For you. Health.

Healthy (and happy) New Year!

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