Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Philly 2012

Philly was full of down time where we could just watch all the girls play together! They haven't been able to do that before so it was fun just to watch them have fun!

Baby June didn't know what to think of all these people in her space...

especially the one who was always attacking her with hugs!

"Thanks for sharing all your toys June!"
I am sure that is what Charlotte is thinking! ;)

And June's like...."Uhhh...the toys are over there." 

They were wonderful. And it was a delight to see them interact. Grace had a great time "leading" the way!

June is a happy-little-camper! A cute one to boot!

Good times. 
The only bummer. I lost my sunglasses while out to lunch. I really loved those sunglasses and they are the first pair I've lost since middle school.
I hate losing things. HATE, HATE, HATE it!
Makes me insane. 
The good news? 
Because I haven't lost a pair since I was 12, I have a few back up options! hahah

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