Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Treeeeees Here!

In honor of Grace's birth, we planted a Yoshino Cherry tree. 

[I just re-read the blog post that is linked above...can you believe how little Grace was?!]

Just six months after that little tree was planted, this happened.
We came home from vacation to find just the stubby remnants of Grace's little tree. So sad.

Not ones to give up, we ordered a replacement tree last spring.
When the tree finally arrived, the nursery totally flaked and sold the tree right out from under us. Extremely disappointing is the only thing I can write here that doesn't use profane language.

So as not to dwell on the fact that we were down a tree - in all senses of the word - we built a fence that surrounds our entire property. Then we ordered a (another) replacement Yoshino for Grace and decided upon a Kwanzan Cherry tree for Miss Charlotte. 

The trees were both planted yesterday! yay!!
Pretending that the blustery, (kinda) sunny day was warm and springy, we headed outside to check out the new fixtures in our yard.

Grace's tree.

Grace with her tree. She will be 2.5 in June. Her tree will one day look like this.

Can you see Charlotte's tree in the upper right corner?

Charlotte with her tree. She just turned 7 months!
Her tree will one day look like this.

She wasn't very interested in the tree...

but she was fascinated with the grass! 

It was her first time sitting in the grass!

Oh won't she love looking back on herself in a few years!
I love having proof pictures!!

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