Friday, April 15, 2011

Movin' On Up

It's official. Babydom is over. 
Charlotte is now riding in the cart which means Grace has been promoted to the basket or, in a few cases, left free to roam the store as she pleases right beside me.
I've already had two panic attacks from Grace hiding underneath the clothes displays and not coming out when I've asked her to. In these situations, (we've all been there, in fact I can remember doing it to my mom), the first thought for most parents is probably something like this:

 "Haha. Jimmy is hiding under the clothes display again. That rascal!"

For some reason my mind isn't quite wired like that. Instead, my mind instantly goes to: 

(with images of a mock Disneyland lock-down I've seen on TV when a child goes missing in the most magical place on Earth.)

And right when I start thinking about how I am going to explain to Court that our child was taken right from under my nose while I was bargain hunting in Target, she comes out laughing hysterically.

I can literally feel the gray hairs formulating under my scalp when I re-read this!!

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