Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

The Easter Bunny is amazing! 
Not only does he hide eggs and bring us presents, he tracks us down no matter where we are celebrating...
and this year we were celebrating in Boise with my side of the fam!
(Probably our first and last holiday just us!)

You'd never know it by the looks of these overflowing baskets, but the Easter Bunny did forget a few surprises. I think he realized that he'd forgotten not only a few surprises but all the stuff to die eggs about two hours into the journey. Ooops!

Regardless, Easter was a hit!
(get it? A hit!!)

I promise! It was!
That's not a look of disappointment on Grace's face. She is just 100% focused on her favorite surprises - Pez dispensers in the shape of Belle and Ariel.
Of all the things the Bunny brought...those were her favs! 
Go figure!

A BIG thank you to mom and dad for hosting and providing two spectacular egg hunts! 
Another BIG thank you to Auntie M for preparing an outstanding Easter dinner! I think you are officially hired to plan all holiday meals!! (Lucky you!) And to JABB - thanks for making the trek, hitting the egg hunt and hitting hard, and then rolling back up to school to study for your exam! Hope you rocked it!

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