Thursday, February 3, 2011


First things first - I can't post pictures. Something is wrong with my computer. Again. (Or with the user - not sure which.) So there will be no posts with photos or videos breaking up my ramblings and rants any time soon. I apologize. As soon as I am back up and running, pictures will be posted to go along with this post.

Anyway, we do have some firsts to report as I haven't been on top of my blogging game lately.

Drum roll please. Charlotte has:

  • mastered the art of rolling over! In fact, she's been doing it for over a month now! Her tummy time has turned into quite the little act and I am pretty sure she'll be crawling well before I'm ready to have two mobile children.
  • been promoted to big girl baths - WITH big sister! While Charlotte hasn't mastered sitting up yet, she rests gently in her bath sling which combines her two favorite things so far in this world - warm water and her big sister! You've never heard squeals like the ones Charlotte makes when watching Grace jump or talk or show her any attention. It is remarkable watching Grace embrace the role of big sister. Grace literally does it with grace!
  • moved upstairs (yes, we finally decided Charlotte's room was going upstairs) into a crib. It has been an interesting transition. Some nights, she wakes only once and other nights she is up more than I am able to count in a sleep deprived condition. Climbing the stairs 4 or 5 times a night is. not. fun. Operation Butterball goes on - even in my sleep! (Now if only my ass would start to get that message!)                                                                                                                              Charlotte still sleeps in a tight (I'm talking TIGHT - like Hannibal Lecter-psych-patient-tight) swaddle which causes me some anxiety. She can roll over so I am waiting to wake up and find her "stuck" on her belly. I'm also worried she's "addicted" to the swaddle. Do I bite the bullet and have the sleepless nights now to wean her off of it or do I let her "outgrow" the swaddle? I never swaddled Grace so I am new to this AND the one arm in and one arm out thing doesn't seem to work (plus I think that is just cruel). Any ideas thrown my way would be appreciated!
  • discovered the jumperoo - the BEST invention after The Epidural AND Charlotte started rice cereal.                                                                                                                                                  
For some reason, I was able to add this picture but not any of the others I wanted to share.
Obviously, the malfunction is clearly user error.
    • Bottle feedings are going better but we still aren't confident in her abilities. I did buy these new bottles that are made specifically to help transition from breast to bottle feedings and they have helped A LOT.

    Now to Grace...

    Grace can now count to TWENTY all by herself and is learning new words at an astounding speed! She is very polite - saying please and thank you at all the right times but hasn't quite got the concept of 'no, thank you'. She's got 'no' down for sure! "Grace, do you like pancakes?" I'll ask as she gobbles them up. "No!" she'll reply. She still eats like a bird and we have resorted to bribery in some instances. While in Hawaii, she'd eat fish by the fork load if we'd give her a french fry (GASP! The forbidden fruit - a french fry! Yes, I said it. I bribe my kid with french fries! Don't judge.). Grace has also found comfort in - shall we say, fashion? Some kids cling to their blankies while Grace seems to cling to her "piiiiiiiink.' Grace's 'piiiiiiiiiink' is one of three things - a pink swim suit cover-up that was nearly destroyed because of so much wear in Hawaii, a red Hello Kitty night gown (why she calls it 'piiiiiiink' is beyond me) and a pink v-neck shirt of mine that looks like something J LO might wear on the red carpet when "skinny- mcgee-Grace" puts it on. Grace wears her 'piiiiiiiiiink ALL DAY LONG and sleeps in it too. I can usually convince her to wear something else when we leave the house but the moment we are back home it's 'PIIIIIINK PIIIIIIIIINK PIIIIIIINK!' It's hysterical really! That is, until it's time to take the piiiiink off. I will post of a picture of Grace's 'piiiiink soon!' It's not to be missed!!

    In other's February. How did that happen?!

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