Monday, January 31, 2011

It's Finally Christmas!

It's January 31 and it's finally Christmas. Well, at least I hope it is. Let me explain.

Back in November, we ordered Grace's Christmas present....welllllllllll in advance of December 25 - we got her an easel. A few weeks later, a couple of boxes arrived on my doorstep. I assumed the easel had arrived, stowed the boxes and didn't think about the easel another second until...

Fast forward to December 23 - late, LATE at night. Court and I finally get around to assembling the easel. Ok, I confess. Court was assembling the easel. Anyway, he comes and finds me to make sure I've given him all the boxes.

Yes, you have all the boxes. ALL two of them.

"Hmm. That's funny," he says, "because there is no easel!"

WHAT?!?! Of course I don't believe him so I go to take a look for myself and low and behold. He's right. (Yes, you heard it hear first.)

One box contained a roll of white butcher paper and the other a box of paints.

Uh - oh.

Of course, I get on the horn with the company the next day but there is nothing they can do because I am calling on CHRISTMAS EVE and only Santa himself can make a miracle like that happen. Luckily, Grace is only two and still has no idea what or when Christmas is. So I am chalking this Christmas up as a learning year. I'm still learning how to do Christmas on the other side. There is a learning curve I tell ya. Don't laugh. There is.

The point is, we all order stuff online these days but how many of us check what's in the box on our doorstep the day it arrives...or even the day after?

Hmmm...ok everyone else on planet earth does but me? Fabulous.

Well anyway, the easel finally arrived in mid-January while we were gone on vacation. So obviously I didn't check the contents upon arrival. Again, Court began the assembly process last weekend only to discover that the main frame of the easel - a crucial component - was broken. Of course it was.

The replacement easel arrived today and you know what? It's sitting in the box. Unopened. So much for learning my lesson, eh? Fingers crossed the easel is officially here and in one piece. I'll check tomorrow. Probably. Maybe. I hope. 

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The Gimlins said...

Ha! We had a somewhat similar tale. My mother-in-law found that Tonka truck for Kendry at the end of November, but never opened it when it arrived - she just wrapped it up and put it under the tree. Kendry did get to open it on Christmas, but it was totally bent and damaged. We immediately sent it back and just got the replacement one this last weekend. Fortunately, our kiddos are too young to get disappointed over these scenarios, right?