Friday, February 11, 2011

Why Eye Never...

I'm working through some computer problems. 
15,000+/- photos = new software to manage said photos
New software requires new plug-ins in order to operate said software

Don't we love technology? It makes our lives sooo much easier, right?

So I am testing all the aforementioned gizmos and gadgets by posting this 'Back to the Future' photo of Grace after a recent eye appointment....funny story.

Court and I scheduled back-to-back eye appointments so that one of could be with the kids while the other had his/her eyes checked out. When I called the Doctor's office, I explained to them that we were new patients, coming with our two kids and traveling over an hour JUST to see this supposedly fantastic doctor.

No problem I was told.
Court was scheduled for 3. Me at 3:30.
We check-in. On time. Kids are asleep in the car upon arrival so we tag team the check-in. All parties at the front desk are well aware of our situation because you can CLEARLY see the 'Burban (and our munchkins) through the window in front of the receptionist desk.

Court heads back to see the doctor.
I head out to the car to make sure Beauty and the Beast is keyed up.

Fast forward one hour.
Both kids are awake. They are calm but definitely antsy and my legs feel like they are cramping up.
So into the waiting room we go - hoping that the front desk staff and nurses will see us and hurry up checking Court's eyes so as to avoid a meltdown of epic proportions.

Fast forward 30 minutes.
I'm still in the waiting room with both kids. Court is no where to be seen.
I finally get a text from Court saying they are still working on his eyes and to reschedule because he doubts they'll be able to get to me before the office closes. (He sends me his available times so that I may do this - granted the options are limited because he has to work, duh.)
The receptionist - Ms. Cold-Hearted-Snake herself - tells me they are completely booked...apparently for eternity because she makes no apology for this mix-up (or the fact that me and my kids have been pacing her office like caged animals for no apparent reason) nor does she try to accommodate my schedule.
I'm upset. fuming. pissed off.
Court finally gets out of his appointment - blind - because his eyes have just been dilated. A procedure they do for all new patients.
Meaning had I gotten into see the doctor in a timely fashion, I too would've been blind because of the dilation therefore neither of us would've been able to drive home. 
My anger level sky rocketed to somewhere above pissed off on the scales but below homicidal range. It was somewhere in the general area of "I'm going to write a letter!"

Anyway, my eyes have still not been given the once over. One of these days.
Instead, I'll keep staring at my computer screen in order  to work through the glitches I keep running into in order to post these little tidbits.
No need to thank me.

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