Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sick Kiddo

Before I had a baby, I hated seeing snotty nosed kids. HATED IT! I couldn't fathom what mother would take her child out of the house without first wiping it's nose...not to mention continuing the clean up every time she looked down at her child and saw crusty snot all over it's nostrils and upper lip. That's what they make those Kleenex handy-packs for, right?

Well, all those pre-baby judgments are coming back to haunt me. Grace spiked a temperature last Friday. We were heading out of town to Boise for my dad's birthday so of course that was the "perfect" day for Grace to get sick.

The whole weekend Grace was a bit on the warm side, a bit crankier than usual and pretty clingy. She didn't jump, crawl or climb for almost 48 hours. I don't think she has gone for more than an hour without moving since...since...well, EVER! It was like Grace disappeared and I was given a baby place holder to keep me occupied while the real Grace recovered.

When we got back home on Sunday, her temperature had broken so I thought we were in the clear. But alas, that is when the clearing of the nasal passages began.

Poor little munchkin. Not sure if you can see it in this photo
but her nose is like an endless fountain of snot.

Mind you...we are in the comforts of our own home
where snotty nosed kids should be.

Ugh. This photo just breaks my heart.
Being sick as an adult sucks, but a sick kid...why that is just plain gut wrenching.

Now I understand that mothers leave the house with snotty nosed kids because
1) babies can't blow their own noses (Why I thought that a human who can't wipe it's own butt could blow their nose is beyond me...the learning curve on this motherhood gig is quite steep ya know!)
and 2) babies HATE having their faces least as much, if not more, than I hate seeing snotty nosed kids... or at least my baby does. Sometimes it is worth letting the snot linger a few extra minutes just for the peace and quiet. You've got to pick your battles.

Even with these newly acquired factoids - this new appreciation for snotty nosed kids - Grace and I are not leaving the house. As no one in this household has slept for more than 45 minutes at a time in more than two days, the only thing grosser than seeing a snotty nosed kid at the grocery store is the mother of that snotty nosed kid. I will save you all the horror.


EntertainingMom said...

Another thing I forgot to mention to The Stamford Wife... a warm damp washcloth actually feels good on their little noses. Not scratchy at all. If the area under her nose starts to get a little raw, rub a little Aquafor into it to act as a moisture barrier -- even a Chapstick should do. Sick babies just break my heart. Grace looked just so sad in that picture. Hope she is on the mend soon!

Rachel said...

Aw that last photo is a heart breaker! She just looks so miserable, the poor little bub. She is absolutely adorable!